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  1. We ignore (delete by script) all suggestions that are not related to home improvements topics. This is a home improvement search engine. Yes, a search engine. At this moment we have 70,000+ categorized quality websites. Better than the crap other search engines returns.
  2. Please search your website url in the search form, to be sure it isn't already included. This form is only for new websites!
  3. What's the difference between normal and featured? Please read bellow:
  4. All search phrases return 50 results, sorted by internal factors. Normal listings do not always appear in broad searches, search phrases with many results.
  5. Featured websites appear at the top of any relevant search and at the top of the category, in the tree structure. Featured websites look more special in search results and category.
  6. Basically, Featured Websites get 10x to 20x more traffic from our search engine compared to normal websites.
  7. Featured website price is $9.95 permanent, no need for renewal, one time payment.
  8. Large and complete descriptions will help you get more visitors from our search engine.
  9. If your site is already included but you want to transform it in to featured listing please check the advertisement page.
  10. Recommended Usage for featured entries : If you have an internal page (we usually display only top domain results) with a specific product you can add it as featured entry and it will show at top on categories and search results.


Featured (Top of category, 2 Work Days Review)$9.95
Normal (2 Work Days Review)$4.95
All listings are permanent, one time payment. Free links are disabled until around August 2022 because there is a huge review queue of pending links.
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